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Our couponing group has been going strong for over a year now (yay!).  You are cutting the coupons on your own, printing the ones you need from all of the sites, and attending the coupon swaps.  Now What???

I think we need to step it up a notch!  We have gotten rather fast at going through the coupons at the swaps.  I think we need to go to the next level and actually dissect the ads -- and put together deals at the swap!  So, you can actually leave the swap with an actual list of what you are going to buy and the coupons already pulled!  Let's face it -- how many times have we had a coupon in our binder and something was on sale -- but we didn't put two and two together until AFTER the sale???  Let's do this together!

What are you waiting for???  I will see YOU at the swap this coming Saturday --- October 20, 2012.

Request yours today!  This is filled with over $17 of P&G coupons! Such as Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Swiffer and more!

Ok ladies -- this weekend there is a Coupon Swap!  Also, check out the rest of the dates for 2012!  It's been a busy year -- but make time for yourself for this time with friends and saving your family money.  I hope to see you at one of our swaps! 

    JBF Sale 9/21/12 - 9/23/12
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